Robot sơn yaskawa MPX1950

Robot sơn yaskawa MPX1950

Cung cấp và tích hợp Robot sơn yaskawa MPX1950


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Tổng quan về Robot sơn yaskawa MPX1950

  • The MOTOMAN MPX1950 is a medium-sized painting robot which provides a payload of 7 kg.
  • The smooth arm design with a large hollow diameter is optimal for tubing and can prevent interferences among paint and air tubes.
  • Optimized for painting small- to medium-sized parts and dispensing applications, the high speed six-axis MPX1950 robot creates a smooth, consistent finish with outstanding efficiency.
  • A small footprint and slim arm design allow for minimum installation space, and a reduced interference envelope enables painting of workpieces closer to the robot.
  • Built with a hollow inline wrist, the robot’s 7 kg payload capacity is well-suited for mounting an array of spray guns and small bells.
  • The MPX1950 is Factory Mutual approved for use in Class I, Div. 1 hazardous environments, and an optional location for the manipulator cable connection reduces interference with walls.
  • A versatile robot design enables floor, wall or ceiling mounting for layout flexibility.
  • Controlled by the DX200-FM robot controller and an easy-to-use touch screen teach pendant, the MPX1950 is run with application-specific software and supports paint hardware configurations, while accommodating paint control instructions and supporting standard networks. An intrinsically safe pendant is optional.

Thông số kỹ thuật của Robot sơn yaskawa MPX1950

  • PAYLOAD 7 kg
  • MAX. WORKING RANGE 1,450 mm
  • WEIGHT 265 kg
  • S AXIS 180 °/s
  • L AXIS 180 °/s
  • U AXIS 180 °/s
  • R AXIS 360 °/s
  • B AXIS 400 °/s
  • T AXIS 500 °/s
  • MOUNTING OPTIONS Ceiling, Wall, Floor